Love table games? is one of the few online casinos that has a large selection of table games with plenty of variety. They also have as many jackpot games, a few live tables, and a couple hundred slot games to enjoy. All of this is wrapped up in a magical fantasy forest theme. Princesses, floating bars, and zombie pirates? Ogres? Trolls?…a variety of other mythical characters punctuate the different segments of the website.


Welcome Bonus: You can get up to $400 in bonus cash at a moderate wagering requirement, plus 200 spins. But getting the spins requires logging in every day for more than a week.


Games: If table games are your thing, this is one of the few websites that has a large selection. And of course, plenty of slot options too.


Look: There is a modern look, a fun theme, and the site is well organized. But clicking into some pages will send you to what appears to be old versions of the site.


Customer Support: There are two options for support. You can call an international number or send an email (despite mentions of live support on the website).

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is a 100% match on your first deposit up to $400 plus 200 free spins. You only get the first 20 spins upon accepting the bonus. To get the other 180 spins, you have to sign in every day for the following 8 days to claim 20 spins at a time. Spins that aren’t claimed expire within 24 hours of being issued.

You free spins can be used on any of the ‘Age of the Gods’ games. Each spin is worth a predetermined amount between $0.20 and $0.25 depending on the exact game you decide to play. To withdraw any winnings from your spins, the bonus amount needs to be wagered on the ‘Age of the Gods’ games 20x.

To be eligible for the bonus cash, you need to deposit between $20 and $400. And like the spins, you need to meet a wagering requirement to be able to withdraw any winnings. In this case, you need to wager 40x. So, if you deposit the minimum $20, you’ll need to wager 20 x 40 = $800.

Different games contribute differently to meeting the wagering requirements. Slots and scratch games contribute 100%, and other games contribute 0%-25%. Bonus funds will only expire after 30 days of no activity on your account.


Most online casinos we have reviewed that offer table games usually have about 12-20 table games. Most of those games will be different versions of blackjack and roulette with at least one baccarat game tossed in, and a couple poker games if you’re lucky. currently has 49 table games. And yes, they have tons of versions of roulette and blackjack — they are classics — but they also have craps, sic-bo, a game called Wild Viking, and a bunch of versions of poker.

They also have another 12 live tables available to play. There’s more poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat to play with a real dealer.

Thankfully, all of these table games don’t come at the expense of their slots collection. They still have almost 200 slot games to enjoy. And of course, substantial numbers of slot games means all kinds of exciting themes to discover. It just comes with the territory.

And even though the variety suggests you should be able to find a game you love, you don’t even have to take a chance. When you hover over a game, the option to ‘practice’ comes up. So you can make sure there’s something you love before you decide to sign up.


The look of this website is a bit deceptive. When you load the homepage, it looks great. There’s a clear theme, up-to-date design, dynamic elements, and just about anything else you can expect from a modern online casino.

To a certain degree, the organization is also pretty good. No matter what page you’re on, you’ll find things laid out in a logical way, and you can pretty quickly figure out where you should go next.

The glaring issue with this site is the navigation, which again, on first glance seems pretty good. There’s a simple navigation bar at the top and a more complex navigation drop down menu available. Problem is, depending on what link you click, you’re taken to a different version of different pages. It’s really jarring.

Upon exploring, we found at least two different home pages and two different game pages. According to the site, it was one of the first online casinos on the web. And our guess is that its had plenty of versions over the years, and some of the older pages are still floating around where someone forgot to update the link.

It doesn’t make the website unusable by any means, but it does make it confusing to get around. When you’re expecting to see one thing and get another, it’s definitely irritating.

Customer Support

You have two options to contact support staff through as a Canadian. You can either call the international number they provide, or email them. You’ll find these options by clicking the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen, selecting ‘support’, and then selecting ‘contact us’.

Unfortunately, with a paid international number, the cost to call and likely spend time waiting on hold is likely more than it’s worth for many Canadians. Can we all just take a second to fume about our long distance prices for a moment?

So, if you have a pressing issue on this site, you’re probably not going to get it sorted out quickly. But you can email them by filling out a form, and hope that one of the 24/7 staff members is able to respond quickly.

Now for some mystery. They claim to have a live chat feature, but after searching high and low on their website, we couldn’t find one. The mention of the mysterious live chat was in the context of their app, so maybe that feature is only available there?

They do offer one other method to get your questions answered: an FAQ. You get there by clicking ‘help’ under the ‘support’ menu. It’s short, but it does cover what most new players are likely most interested in.

Conclusion is a great place for well-rounded players who are looking for variety in the table game options as well as slots. The welcome bonus is a good balance between what’s offered and the wagering requirements, although they do demand you log in every day for more than a week to get the full advantage. The website is beautiful and up-to-date with a fun theme, but what appears to be some old links leading to different versions of some pages makes navigating the site somewhat frustrating.