Casumo Casino Review

When it comes to the look and feel of an online casino, Casumo is in a league of its own. With it’s bright, clean design and muted sherbet highlights, you could easily be looking at the newest tech product hitting Silicon Valley. But don’t worry, it’s definitely a casino, and they definitely have a ton of awesome games to play. Better yet, playing on Casumo isn’t a totally solo sport. Their live feed on the sidebar shows you who’s signing is, who’s winning, and who’s leveling up.


Welcome Bonus: Casumo offers up to $500 bonus bucks to play with at a wagering requirement that’s about average for an online casino. They also offer new promotions each week.


Games: If you can find it in a casino, you can find a version of it on this site. Whether you like slots, cards, or table games, you’re sure to find something you like.


Look: This isn’t a site you’ll confuse for any other casino. It takes style lessons more from tech products than other casinos. Although it’s sleek and organized, it does have a tendency to feel cramped.


Customer Support: You can access quick and friendly live chat in the language of your choice. But, if you prefer another way of getting in contact, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

Welcome Bonus

Casumo’s welcome bonus is a single-deposit bonus. So, unlike the tiered system some casinos offer, what you get depends on what you deposit first. To activate the bonus in this case, it needs to be at least $20, but Casumo will match you up to $500 if you want to go big.

You will also get 100 free spins on Book of Dead with the same wagering requirements as the rest of the bonus.

But of course, there are always wagering requirements to consider as well. Casumo lands around the average, with a 30x requirement on both the bonus funds and your deposit. Meaning, if you deposit the minimum ($20), you’ll get another $20 from Casumo, and you’ll need to play 30 times both: 40 x 30 = $1,800.

Where Casumo’s welcome bonus really shines compared to other online casinos is how long it lasts. Most places give you around 30 days to meeting the requirements before the bonus expires, maybe 35 or 40 if you’re lucky. But according to their terms and conditions, Casumo removes bonuses and awards if they aren’t used within 6 months.

When you’re trying to meet the requirements (like most casinos you’ll come across) different games contribute a different percentage. Unless you’re playing slots, you won’t get far. In fact, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Punto Banco, Roulette, and Blackjack won’t get you anywhere at all. If these are your go-to games, they contribute nothing.


The best way to describe Casumo’s suite of games is ‘well rounded’. They have a huge selection of slot games with an equally huge variety of themes. You want something romantic? Scary? Futuristic? Dystopic? Literary? Cute? They’ve got it all.

You’ll also find a decent selection of table games including roulette, poker, live games, and jackpot slots. And most games you can try out for free before you make an account. So, you can decide if you like what they have before you commit.

Altogether, they list over 850 games from 11 different providers, and highlight Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Pharaoh’s Fortune as some of their most popular titles.

In addition to the actual games they offer, your entire experience on Casumo is gamified. You can earn valuables and trophies by collecting points (through play) that will “take you to new levels and planets”.

It works through a progress bar that shows you how much more play time you need to get through before you level-up. Prizes come in the form of free spins or free money to play with. And you’re not completely alone on your adventure. A live feed on the left side of your screen will update you on who’s signing in, winning, and leveling up.

If you’re a frequent player, this kind of setup is definitely something worth considering taking advantage of.


For a split second when we first clicked into this website to start reviewing it, we thought we got the name url wrong. It wasn’t until reading about the welcome offer that it registered: this is, in fact, an online casino.

Casumo subverts the expectations of an online casino. The deep grey base with sherbet coloured, outline-free graphics and simple, clean logo definitely fit the mold of a website for an innovative tech product a lot better.

Throughout the website, you’ll find a happy little blob mascot (a casumo) wearing a sumo wrestler’s belt, which for accuracy’s sake, we learned is called a ‘Mawashi’. They carry this theme into the rewards you get by playing: you get belts too.

The belts represent the ‘skill level’ you and your casumo have reached. The colour of the belts scale in a way similar to Karate. You start as a white belt, and as you play and level-up, you go on to achieve yellow, red, blue, purple, and black. It’s a fun, colourful way to add depth and purpose to the time you spend on the website.

Casumo has a lot going for it, but with so much going on, our only critique is that sometimes feel a little visually overwhelming. Don’t get us wrong, Casumo is beautifully organized. Games are exactly where you expect them to be, but it can take a second or two longer to register when there is so much to process on screen.

Customer Support

Casumo’s live chat customer support is quick, and super friendly. And if you want to preserve what you talked about for future reference, you can send yourself a transcript of the chat. You can access this service 24/7.

They also have a customer service email you can use (, but it’s pretty buried in the site. You can tell they try to funnel customers to the live chat. Even clicking ‘Contact us’ at the bottom of the screen will open the chat window.

So a couple contact options exist, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to pick up the phone and talk through an issue with a person whose voice you can actually hear, you might not find these options 100% satisfactory.

However, another major bonus in favour of Casumo is the support they have available for people who don’t want to have to get in contact at all. They have an extensive FAQ available filled with thoughtful and highly detailed answers to pretty much any possible thought you may have about their site.

If you take advantage of the FAQ, there’s a good chance you’ll never have to ask a question unless something goes wrong. And I mean, with technology, something’s bound to go slightly wrong at some point.


If you’re looking for something that feels truly current, has a bit of fun with theme, and offers frequent rewards based on playtime, we highly recommend checking out Casumo. Across the board, it’s a solid gaming site. There’s really no area where it falls short compared to its competitors. Although, if you find gimmicks like moving up the ranks and receiving different coloured belts to symbolize your achievements more of a turnoff than a fun integration, this probably isn’t the place for you.