Lucky Dino Review

Who doesn’t love a robot dinosaur offering them a chest of treasure? The theme of Lucky Dino is fun, lighthearted, and consistent throughout the simple website. And they can keep the website simple because they specialize. If you’re looking for an online casino that offers you everything under the sun, it’s time to move to another review. But if you’re slots obsessed, and you’re looking for a veritable candy land of options, you’ve come to the right place.


Welcome Bonus: The bonus is a 100% match up to $400 and ‘up to’ 100 free spins. But this site has the highest wagering requirements we’ve seen.


Games: This site is for one group of people: slots lovers. Lucky dino specializes in slot games and offers and almost bottomless variety of them.


Look: The look is bright, happy, consistent, and up-to-date. And the mechanical dinosaur mascot adds a sense of fun and charm.


Customer Support: You’ll be treated to quick, friendly support during live chat, although support is not available 24/7. Instead, support is available 16 hours a day.

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up for a Lucky Dino account, you automatically get 7 free spins before you even make your first deposit. And when you do decide to make your first deposit, there is, of course, a welcome bonus to consider.

Lucky Dino offers a 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to $400 and ‘up to’ 100 free spins. But be weary of the phrase ‘up to’. We asked them exactly what ‘up to’ means when it comes to getting free spins. It turns out that you have to deposit at least $100 to your account.

And you have to make multiple $100 deposits to get all 100 free spins. The first $100 deposit gets you 50 spins, and the second $100 deposit gets you another 50. If you deposit anything less than that, you actually only get 10 free spins. BIG difference.

To be eligible for the bonus cash, you have to deposit at least $20. Your first deposit gets you a 100% match up to $400, and your second deposit will get you up to 50% match up to $200.

But to make it all worth it, you have to meet the wagering requirements within 1 week. And what are those wagering requirements you ask? You need to bet the bonus amount PLUS the deposit amount 50x. So, if you deposit the minimum ($20), you need to bet 40×50 = $2000.

Maybe stick to the 7 free spins…


This is a specialty site, so it’s not for everyone.

Looking for a well-rounded set of all the games you’d find in a brick and mortar casino? This is not the place. Obsessed with slots and want as many options as possible in a site that caters to the way you play? Ding ding, you’ve just found a winner.

The number of theme options is almost overwhelming. Baking, magic, Egypt, sports, animals, storms, fairy tale, gold rush, Santa’s Village…we can’t help but wonder how much space it would take up on this page if we decided to list every single one. Here you’ll find slots powered by all of your favorite software providers including Netent, Play’n GO, Microgaming and more.

We’re pretty sure that at the very least, you’ll be able to find a festive game to suit just about any holiday. If you ever decide to verify this for yourself, please let us know. Our curiosity is officially peaked!

Even though there are hundreds of options to choose from, you can test these games ahead of time, just to make sure there’s something you love before you sign up. Since this is all about betting, we’re willing to be you find something you like.

As you play, you collect Dino rewards. These are free spins, super spins, and mega spins you can win. Unlike some more disappointing offers we could mention, these spins are all wager free.


This website is fun and inviting, with a bright blue background and sunny yellow accents. And thankfully, it was definitely created in this century. That is to say, it has a clean, up-to-date design.

The site features an endearing mechanical dinosaur mascot who offers chests of gold coins. Well, we don’t mind if we do dino friend!

The nice thing about the theme on this website is that it’s consistent. A lot of online casinos will put a lot of work into establishing their mascot on the homepage, then all nods to theme completely disappear on all other pages of the website.

Or, the theme is so incoherent that you don’t really know what you’re looking at; it’s space, and pirates, and fairies, and anything else someone might like! We like that Lucky Dino paired things down to just their mascot.

If we have one complaint, it’s the layout of the homepage. You scroll down, waiting to see games. You get a lot of helpful information about the site…but no games. You scroll again, looking for the link. Where is the link??

Oh, there’s the link! It’s in tiny print at the top of the screen in low contrast to the background. The homepage tries to direct you to signing up instead of just checking out the games. And that’s no bueno with us.

Customer Support

If you’ve already read the other sections of this review, then you know Lucky Dino is a specialty site. It only offers slots. And like most niche, paired down sites, Lucky Dino has also streamlined support to one option: live chat.

Given what we know about how people interact with companies today, if they were going to pick only one option, we think this is a good one. And we tried it out. Opening a chat was quick and seamless. You just go to the bright turquoise ‘chat now’ button at the bottom left of the screen and enter your name and phone number.

If there is one odd thing about this feature, it’s that you don’t submit a question before the chat opens. So presumably, you have a staff member waiting on the other side as you rush to quickly write your question to get things started. Odd, but not a deal breaker.

Their staff is friendly and helpful. It only took a few seconds to get our question answered in plain English and with a positive attitude. You also have the option to email the chat to yourself to review at your leisure.

But to contact someone, you need to do so between the hours of 4am and 8pm EST, which shouldn’t be too difficult for most Canadians across all 6 time zones.

Although we get the choice to streamline contact options, we would like to see them add an FAQ to help players answer their questions efficiently during off hours.


If you’re a die hard slots player looking for an online casino that really understands you, Lucky Dino fits the bill. They specialize in slots. And they have a fun, bright theme with an endearing mechanical dinosaur mascot that makes you want to enjoy your time there. But take note of any time you see the words ‘up to’ on their website. There’s a good chance that glossing over it will result in getting a lot less than you’re anticipating. Although, if you need support, you’re in for a treat with friendly staff.