Mr Green Review

Mr Green is the casino for the person who wants everything at their fingertips. You can start your day with slots, move to the tables, then close out by betting on sports. The website has a clean design, with a strong theme…which you shouldn’t be surprised includes a lot of, well, green. The only small blemish on an otherwise fantastic site is the quality of the customer service. It’s not a total indictment, but it could use some attention.


Welcome Bonus: There is a lot of bonus money available to play with, and up to 200 free spins. To make the most of the tiered bonus, you have to make multiple deposits.


Games: Mr Green has almost everything you could want, including sports games. There are hundreds of options. The only thing missing is slot racing.

Look: It’s a well organized website with a current look. The theme — beyond green — is an old gentleman’s club. Bowler hats, canes, and all things sophisticated.


Customer Support: Using the live chat feature is slow, and it took multiple attempts of reaching out to get a satisfying response to a question.

Welcome Bonus

Mr Green offers up to $1,200 in bonus cash plus $200 spins. But like most casinos that offer that much, it comes in multiple installments.

Deposit 1: Mr Green will match 100% of your deposit up to $100 plus 100 free spins once you deposit is wagered

Deposit 2: Mr Green will match 50% of your deposit up to $100

Deposit 3: Mr Green will match 50% of your deposit up to $100

Deposit 4: Mr Green will match 25% of your deposit up to $400

Deposit 5: Mr Green will match 25% of your deposit up to $400

Mr Green will also offers an additional 20 free spins per day for 5 days on ‘Book of Dead’, totaling 200 free spins.

The wagering requirements are 35x on the bonus money only, and the minimum deposit that will trigger the bonus is $20. So, if you deposit the minimum you first day on the site, you will have to wager 20 x 35 = $700 before you can withdraw any winnings from your bonus money.

To wager your welcome bonus, you are not allowed to place sports bets. If sports bets are pending while you are still wagering your bonus, your funds can be revoked. We suggest erring on the side of caution and waiting until you’re sure you meet all wagering requirements before placing a sports bet.


This is one of the best online Casinos we’ve seen for games. The only thing missing is slot racing. If they ever add that, we’ll be obligated to upgrade them to the coveted 5 stars for games.

If you’re a massive fan of slots, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with their large selection and variety of themes. If you want a little more excitement, you can pick one of 20 jackpot games. And if you’d rather play the tables, you can pick from a few types of blackjack or roulette, or play Caribbean stud poker.

If you’re a big video poker fan looking for a lot of choice, this probably isn’t the right place for you. However, if you want to play live, you have a few more options, including a true classic: Texas Hold’em.

Mr Green also allows you to spice up your sports viewing by placing a bet. Your choices are football (soccer), tennis, basketball, baseball, or hockey.

But if you’re coming here for sports bets, note that sports betting is its own section of the website with it’s own promotions. Trying to use regular bonus money to place sports bets can result in getting your bonus money and your winnings revoked.


I don’t think it’ll shock anyone to reveal that when they click into this website they’ll be seeing a LOT of green. I mean, it’s called Mr Green.

But beyond the obvious, the website has a modern look and feel.

Dynamic elements like the current banner add some movement to the site, while the static game tiles on a white background give it a clean, organized look. Every element has its own space, which is a nice break from some of the cluttered designs where elements overlap.

Navigation is easy. Above the banner, you have a navigation bar that takes you to different pages on the site, and below the bar, you have filters that will show you different kinds of games.

It could be argued that they should install a search bar to make things even easier like some other online casinos do, but despite the variety of games they offer, there aren’t so many that scrolling through them is overwhelming. We’ll let this one slide.

The theme of the site is pretty subtle. It revolves around their mascot, Mr Green, who is usually represented in a detailed illustrative style, wearing a green bowler hat and suit and carrying an umbrella that he uses as a cane.

He is usually depicted in situations that are part fantasy part absurdist. But this dapper gentlemen doesn’t overwhelm the website. He blends into it.

Customer Support

If it wasn’t for the issues with support, Mr Green would be one of our top recommendations. But we like to give a fair overview, so let’s start with the positives.

Support is easy to find. There’s a ‘help’ button on the bottom right of the screen that gives you a couple options for how to get in touch. Either by sending an email or opening a live chat window.

There is also a ‘contact support’ section at the bottom of the homepage that contains a phone number and and email. Unfortunately, calling the European number is likely too expensive to be worth it for most Canadians.

But fortunately, when you contact the staff through email or live chat, they are upbeat and friendly.

Now the negative stuff.

We first contacted staff through email. It took about a day to get a response, which wasn’t bad, but the response didn’t actually answer the question. It was a form response with a lot of information, just not the information we were looking for.

Then, we opened a live chat stating that we didn’t get the info we were looking for over email. It took over 20 minutes to get to the front of the cue. When we did, there was no apology for the poor quality of the email or a thank you for waiting.

It’s not irredeemable chaos, but they are missing a few customer service basics that we’d like to see improve before giving them a better score.


Mr Green is an online casino with a lot to offer. They have a great variety of games and are one of the few online casinos available to Canadians that offer sports betting. The website has a clean, modern design that makes it easy to navigate and use. And the subtle theme adds a tongue and cheek sophistication that we find endearing. The only dark spot in an otherwise fantastic casino is the quality of support. It’s not rude, but it is slow and obtuse.